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            Recently, I attended a talk about the influence artificial intelligence might have on the future of journalism. I was most intrigued to hear what the panellists had to say.

Some months ago, I read about OpenAI, an AI research organisation that intends to develop ‘useful’ AI systems. However last year, they developed GPT2, a machine that can produce columns of specific journalistic styles by itself. Now, whether or not they decide to commercialise the product, its existence proves certain dangers that risk disabling humans as journalists. This encroachment of AI on the written profession was most certainly on my mind as I went into the talk that morning.

When asked whether machines could replace journalists, the panellists were quick to assure us that companies would not be turning to machines for articles anytime soon. Rather, we were urged to think about the reliability of news produced by machines and whether they could do it alone. There are plenty of reasons to be scared of AI however what is vital is that we try to balance our expectations of the future with current developments. 

Written by Robots

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