Why you need a copywriter

A book without words may as well not be a book at all. That’s how you should think about your website. Good design alone does not make a good website. Reaching users means you must grab their attention with new and interesting information. In a world where it’s so easy to get online, it’s getting harder and harder to have a website that stands out. Ever heard of it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it? Well, the voice of your brand depends almost entirely on the content you put up on your website. Whether writing blog posts, product descriptions or brand announcements, you must do so in a clear and concise manner which captivates the reader. For this, you must turn to someone who will conduct research for the purpose of your content, a master of language, a wordsmith- a copywriter!

There are many reasons for your business to hire a content writer. Below, we’ll impart our knowledge on the wonders of having one as part of your team!

Good Writing is Good Reading

It’s no easy task to write well. Meticulous attention must be given when placing words on the page, something a copywriter will be well-versed in doing. Not all information is interesting to read, it must be made so by good writing. Good writing will not only effectively present the message your brand wishes to share but it will also characterise your company’s personality. The topics you share with your readers are indicative of your own interests and if done properly, they will engage consumers and invite them to play an active part. The more your readers understand what you’re trying to say, the easier it is to bring them over to your side.

Have a Copywriter Handle Your Writing

Whether through external companies or their own recruitment process, companies are keen to hire copywriters. All great brands, from Google to Ted Baker have their own copywriters who spend their days managing the character of the brand through the written medium. Copywriters are well equipped in boosting the traffic your website receives. By analysing search engine results, content writers are able to incorporate specific key words into your site that will draw a larger readership. Not only will this better your website ranking but it also helps escalate your search engine optimisation (SEO) efforts.

Let Yourself Deal With the Actual Business 

When you’re trying to grow a business, establish a reputation and attract new customers, the last thing you want to be worrying about is words, commas and full-stops. With a copywriter, you need not worry about any of that. A good content writer will take the time to understand your vision and relay it carefully through the writing on your website. All the whilst you can use your time to fulfil management responsibilities and increase production and profit. A leader is vital to all businesses but it’s hard to be one when you’re worrying about creating new content every day.

Ultimately, a content writer deals with both the creative and technical side of things. They research, write and then revise ideas which will uphold the integrity of your company. Having a copywriter allows your website to take on multiple dynamics of presentation, whether through blog posts, articles or press releases. All these things will interest readers and draw customers/clients to your brand. So, if you want to strengthen your company’s online presence and build a consistent channel of communication with your readers, then get yourself a copywriter!

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