SEO your way to success

When I first started to learn about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), I thought it would be as easy as adding the right keywords to a website. However, I soon discovered there are various methods that ensure your website ranks number one in search results. Below, I’ll share some of the things I learnt during my exploration of SEO.

The content of your website is vital to the attention it draws. When writing for your site, it’s important to focus on subjects closely related to what you wish consumers to know you for. To do this well, your content writer/copywriter must put out information that’s accurate and thorough.

  • For example, a website about sustainable energy cannot only devote its content on the developments being made with solar energy, hydroelectric energy and wind power. Posts on the website must go into detail about these energies, speak about them in the context of different countries and delve into the history of sustainable methods that have led up to today. It is this thorough research and information that will illustrate your company’s expertise to consumers

It’s also important to remember that the first thing search engine users see in the results are titles tags and meta description. Titles are crucial to garnering interest. Therefore, the titles of your posts must effectively summarise the topic you write about. The metadata, also known as the line of writing shown under the title results, may include a keyword from the search. The meta description gives a glimpse of your content that may appeal to readers so it’s important your site has good writing that may do this.

The third thing to think about when trying to successfully optimise search engine results for your website, is how you can best promote your work online. To do this, you must gain a good understanding of Google tags. Google is the top search engine used globally, making it the place you want your business to be visible. So, to guarantee your website’s success you should work to better understand what your target audience is searching for. There are many ways to do this.

  • For example, if I was advertising an organic bakery, online research into ‘organic bakeries’ would be required. By analysing search engine results, I could compare titles and meta description of other sites which would then help pick up on key words and interests. By repeating this process using different words and focal points, I can then go back and alter my own title and meta description so that my site sits among the results of popular online searches.  

Understanding SEO is crucial to enhancing the visibility of your website and reaching more users. With billions of websites out in the world wide web, the only way to make yourself seen is being an expert in what you’re writing about and effectively promoting your product. According to research carried out by Google in 2018, 71% of their users click on results from the first page. That’s 71% of potential customers that are unlikely to come across your website if it isn’t one of the top-ranking.

               Don’t leave your success to chance. Learn about SEO and use it to better the position of your website on search engines. I used to think the websites on PAGE 1 of Google searches were just lucky. But it’s clear now that those who find themselves on the first page are simply just the stronger websites that really know their audience. So take a leap into understanding the world wide web and SEO your way to success!

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