Digital Marketing: The key to getting your business through Covid-19

              SEO. Website analytics. Social media. These three tools alone make a strong combination which brings great success to a business. When done right, the result is a powerful marketing campaign that can boost an online presence and draw customers from around the world. 

              If there is any silver lining to the pandemic, it is that it struck us whilst living in the digital age. Our ability to build an online presence from the comfort of our homes means that despite living in lockdown and isolation, there is a greater chance of preserving, and even boosting, company business and livelihoods. While many store doors have had to close to customers, many more have opened through online platforms. 

              For smaller businesses and B2B companies, a great hurdle will have been the loss of customers through word of mouth and in-person proposals. Conferences. Business fairs. Exhibitions. These things may now become things of the past. With social distancing measures and restrictions on large gatherings, live networking events may not return for some years. 

              This is why smaller businesses and those will little online presence, must now turn to digital marketing to build customer relations. Research undertaken by Forbes shows that 84% of marketers reported an ‘increased openness among customers to their digital offerings’. Statistics such as this should solidify a company’s commitment to creating a stronger online presence. 

Facebook and Instagram could draw new customers just as exhibitions would. LinkedIn could allow a business to network in ways similar to a conference. The opportunities to market digitally are boundless. The pandemic forced shutters to come down and people into their homes. There is still a long road to recovery ahead which means to survive, smaller businesses must pivot their focus online. 

Business whether online or in-person is still business. Forbes also found that there was a ‘43% increase’ in online sales between February and May 2020. In addition to this, since February there has been a 74% increase in social media budgets. 

The message is a clear one. 

If your business doesn’t have a website, make one. If you haven’t registered your business on social media, do it. Get yourself a UX designer focussed on UX- that being the user experience. Online and digital communication is essential and it’s now clear that not only should businesses focus more on digital marketing but they should prioritise it.